Relay Schools

Relay For Life Schools

Relay For Life Schools is a new initiative where we are inviting local schools and groups to take part in a Mini Relay raising funds for Yate Relay For Life and Cancer Research UK!


New this year, we are inviting local schools and groups to organise and run a Mini Relay. 

This can be run however you want, for example couldbe a 5 hour Relay held over a school day, with each class doing a set amount of walking. The event is great for schools and groups as it helps foster a sense of community, and inclusivity as all can take part!

Our experienced team can help you organise and runyour event, providing you with resrouces, sponsorhsip forms, leaflets and more.

If you want more information you can contact dave@yaterelayforlife.org.uk

We would love to partner with you and raise money to beat cancer sooner. To take part, sign up on this page and we will be in contact soon!